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Roman and Rhylie come accross Rhylie's old adopted Father Felix. Rhylie is thrilled. And better yet, Felix's pack is back together. Roman and Rhylie stay with them for a few days, but Rhylie isn't showing any signs of wanting to leave. Roman wants to go, so finally he decides to leave without saying anything to her. When Rhylie finds out, she searches for him frantically. can she find him?

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Roman and Rhylie waited patiently. The workers at the kibble factory walked by. Roman turned to Rhylie.

"Remember the plan?" he asked her. She nodded.

"Distract the guard dog while you go in and nab some kibble." She said. Roman gave a stiff nod.

"all right ready-" Roman began.

"Go!" another voice cried, Confused, Roman and Rhylie looked around. just then a slim silver husky raced by. Rhylie gasped.

"But... but that looked like..." she began. Then a bunch of other dogs swept by them. Rhylie's heart quickened.

"You know them?" Roman asked curiously.

"I... I think so." Rhylie said, then took off after the dogs. Roman followed curiously. Automatically, they heard the sounds of a chase. they saw the silver husky leading the pit bull, that guarded the place, away.

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