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Alaska is a streetwise puppy. She leads a group of pups that stick together on the streets known as the 'Puppy pack'. She is a take charge kind of gal, and doesn't take well to back talkers. She is friends with Scamp, and visits him sometimes. Alaska is daring and tricky, but really knows how to play. She is a bit of a smart Alec, and doesn't hold pets in too high of esteem. She may be a pup, but she can be pretty fierce and scary when she wants too. She is very protective of her pack members. Alaska is a good friend when you need her, she can be very sweet and understanding. Alaska trusts in her second-in-command Rowan greatly.

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Alaska is a silver husky with a white face, paws, neck, chest, and under side of tail. Her eyes are grassy green. Her tail is sleeker than most huskies, and a little bit smaller. her ears are both pointed and are a black color. She has a black diamond shaped spot on her back

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Twila: Mother

Devan: father

Shark: older brother

Twilight: older sister

Jay: mate

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Alaska lived happily with her family on the streets, until they were taken in by a man. The man was very cruel and beat her family often, Her mother ended up dead by a particular beating. After that, Alaska's father became obsessed with escaping. Finally, their father distracted the man. He screamed at Alaska and her siblings to escape. They all ended up escaping, except for their father. Shark and Twilight then took care of Alaska. But then Shark disappeared, Twilight and Alaska didn't know what happened to him. Then Twilight was taken by a dog catcher, and Alaska was all by herself. She came across another pup, and offered for him to stay at her place. The pup gratefully took up the offer. Then more pups came along, and the 'Puppy Pack' was formed.

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  • Alaska later finds her brother and Sister again, but they never find out what happen to their father.
  • Alaska has a crush on Jay
  • Alaska is afraid of large men.
  • Even when she is a teenager, she still leads the Puppy pack.

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