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Emera is a very rought and tumble kinda pup. She loves playing and getting dirty and can defend herself if its needed

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Emera as a pup lived in the forest after her parents abandoned her. At only a few months old she was atacked by wolves. Where she lost part of her left ear. Sight in her right eye and got the two scars on her flank. After the atack the wolves claimed her dead and lafther bleeding by the tree where Tramp found her and carried her to the city. He couldnt find anypup to help her so he left her at Jocks door where his owner found her and cared for her untill she had enough strenght to leave. In the time she lived with Jock she fell for the pup but thought he would never love her so nearly as soon as they left her at the pund she escaped and ran away. One day when she was walking she herd Jock talking about a 'Pretty Fox Terrier' he had cared for a while ago. After hearing this she started visiting him, but Jock was worried that since she didnt have a collar she would get cought so he tried making her wear a collar and that didnt work untill he found her the spiked collar and now she wears it.

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Emera is a mostly white Fox Terrier with A Black face and brown muzzel. She also has a black spot on her back and flank covering all her tail exept the tip witch nis white. She was Blue Eyes and wears a spiked collar

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  • Onbce she starts liking puppies she likes to wear an eye patch over her scared eye and tell then that she got her scars fighting with pirates
  • Has a crush on Jock
  • Doesent actualy live with a family for most her life, but out on the streets

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