(Its a Horiblly Stupid name, I know its sucks! Sorreh!)

Emera and Jock never planed to have puppies but after seeing Scamp, Angel and the rest of Lady and Tramps pups they decide to have pups of there very own

Apperances Edit

Delphi - She is almost all white exept for a brown mask on her face

Alister - He is mostly grey with a black top of his head, a spot on his side/back similar to his mom, a spot on his rump and the tip of his taik

Dagmar - He has a similar body desighn to Alister but instead of the top of his head its around his mouth and on his cheek and his spots are brown, he akso doesent have a brown tail tip (its grey like the rest of him)

Personalities Edit

Delphi - Delphi is her mothers worst nightmare, a total girly girl, She isnt mean or rude or anything like that but she prefers baths and grooming to mud and playing. Making her mother shudder and think "Is that really my daughter"

Alister - Hes kinda quirky and playfull, a bit of a nerd but still cute and playfull

Dagmar - He is very mean, kind of a jerk. Think of his mother without her hint of playfull and fun lovingness hes gruff, tough and ready to rumble

Other Info Edit

  • Delphi wears a pink bow around her neck
  • Alister wears a regular read collar
  • Dagmar wears a spiked collar
  • Delphi has a crush on Shard
  • Alister doesent have a crush yet (Im looking for one)
  • Dagmar wont have a crush

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