Appearance: Edit

Flutter is Tramp and Lady's daughter. She looks a lot like her mother, but has two gray splotches on her sides, kinda looking like wings, though not really. Her ears are long like her mother’s and they’re gray like her father’s. She has her parents' warm chestnut eyes. Flutter wears a yellow collar with a gold diamond tag there is in the family.

Personality: Edit

Flutter is outgoing and lady-like, though she also loves getting messy and playing around. She's very playful and adores jumping and climbing..Er, trying to climb. She's very troublesome, but sometimes can be. After a small warning fro her mother or father, or even her owners, she'll cool down. She's a bit adventurous, but feels more at home inside the house than outside. She's a bit of a pushover and is gullible, just letting things happen.

Bio: Edit

Flutter was born to Lady and Tramp with Scamp and the rest. She was very devastated when Scamp had run off. Her only brother. Unlike her sisters, she actually did miss him and was tempted to go looking for him, but Tramp and Lady said otherwise. She actually sat down every night outside, waiting for her big brother. Flutter was herself, but she slept outside. She blamed herself. Flutter would usually be with Junior to cheer him up.

During the picnic, Flutter was chasing a butterfly when she wandered across the dog catcher. As they got to the pound, Flutter stayed in the corner of the cage. Luckily, she managed to escape. Unluckily, she bumped into Buster. He noticed she looked like her parents and questioned her. Being foolish and nervous, Flutter told him her parents and everything...Well, almost everything. She caught Scamp's scent on him and didn't share his name. Buster wanted to do the same with her as he did to Scamp, if it weren't for Flutter dashing off home to warn her parents.

When her brother and Angel came back, she was overjoyed that she had a new playmate.

Trivia: Edit

-Flutter was named because at birth, she seemed like she had wings and loved to move around as if she was flying.

-She loves chasing birds and any small animal-Mostly rodents

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