Jacky is Tramp's sister and Scamp's favorite aunt


Jacky was born on the streets with her big brother Tramp.She never knew her parents.All she knows is her dad didn't plan on having pups and ran off and her mother got put down for having by an abusive owner.Eventully,she was taken out of the owner's clutches and got put in a new family.Being the tomboy she is,she took of,leaving her collar behind.Her family figured it was best and didn't look for her.

After a few years,she ran into Tramp on a family walk.Being devastated and surprised,she took off crying while Tramp called after her.She wandered the streets and got caught by the dog catcher.Tramp,who wandered the streets lost in thought,saw this and leaped into action.He saved his sister and took her to his home where she was excepted into the family.


Jacky looks like Tramp except for the lighter grey fur.She has hazel eyes and a gold collar.


Jacky is hyper active and always happy.It's rare you see her down.