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Rhylie started life as a simple house pet. She was actually Angel's sister. Then one day, in the same town and fire that freed Roman from the fighting dog's grasp, Rhylie had to leave the house or be burned alive. she was helpless and starved. then she met up with Felix and his gang. Life was good. plenty of food to eat. lots of pack members to play with. And best of all, Felix was like a father to Rhylie. then the dog catcher came and captured half the pack. Felix was a part of them and he told Rhylie to run. So she did. Then she met up with Roman. at first the two couldn't stand each other, then through some events they realised they needed each other. The two were best friends since

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Rhylie is a sweet talking Husky with a pretty voice. She loves to chase cats and run around in mud. She's pretty tricky and sneaky and is not easy to corner. She loves working with the brutish Rotweiler Roman. She has reached a deeper level inside him than anyone else could ever dream of. Her friends are his friends. Her enemies and his enemies. Rhylie loves to fawn over pups into doing her bidding. She is very sneaky like that.

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Rhylie is a tawny yellow and snow white Pomeranian/chuhuahua mix. She is a little smaller than most, but what she lacks in size she makes up in spirit

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Young Rhylie:

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Drana: mother

Florence: father

Felix: adopted father

Clarence: brother

Secilia: sister

Shasta: Brother

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  • Rhylie still hopes in Finding Felix again
  • Rhylie is very close to her siblings and visits them in their homes often.
  • Rhylie doesn't remember much about her real parents
  • Rhylie has a crush on Roman

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A reunion to remember

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