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Originally, Roman was born and raised as a fight dog. He was meant to fight pthers, but one day in a big fire at the place he escaped. Roman became a mean pup that ran with Busters Junk
Roman headshot

Roman headshot by my sis

yard dogs. He did anything the head dog said, and was a trained fight dog. then the whole incident with Scamp happened and suddenly, Roman left nto the streets. He didn't have the charm or the skill to get a human yet. He was stilll too ferocious. So he lives on the streets and is pretty street wise. Then he met Rhylie and everything changed. suddenly, he had a partner to count on and help him get through life.

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Roman is a mean fighting dog. Although despite his feirce appearance and mean ways, if you stick with him and become his friend, you discover his soft side. He is really just a lonely pup thats been hurt too much at heart. He has a partner named Rhylie, and they work together to get food and sometimes steal it from pets. Roman and Rhylie took Tramp's place as the most wanted dogs on the street. they are quite proud of this accomplishment.

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Roman is a Rotweiler pup with many scars on his nose, ear, back, and front right paw (It doesn't work too well). his muzzle, paws, chest, and tail are all a giger color.

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Roana: mother

Shredder: father

Brat: brother

Fierce: sister

Bo: brother

Kip: sister

Lya: sister

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  • Roman and Rhylie stick to 'robbing' kibble stores.
  • Roman is the leader and muscle of the team.
  • Roman has no idea wether any of his family is still alive, but later meets up with his siblings in life.
  • Roman has a crush on Rhylie.

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A reunion to remember

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