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Rowan is rather serious and has little patience for trouble makers. He may be just a puppy, but he can act rather mature. He has a knack for figuring things out. He can be rather harsh when it comes to rule breaking. He expects Alaska's orders to be carried out efficiently and effectively. Rowan is known for being uptight and rarely plays. He prefers to plan and make sure things are going smoothly.

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Rowan is a redish brown English setter puppy. His eyes are brown. His ears a floppy and curly. His tail is long and semi-bushy.

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Polly: mom

Rayman: Father

Tray: brother

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  • Rowan has a crush on Alaska
  • Rowan has a secret Squeaky toy hidden under his bed.
  • He is the second-in-command of the Puppy pack.

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