Shard is a male pup and Junkyard dog created by/owned by RockytheEco-pup.


Born into a bad home, Shard was beaten and abused whenever he did something wrong. One time, his owner didn't feed him for 2 days as punishment for sitting in the owner's chair. All cut up and miserable, Shard made an effort to dig under his fence to freedom. Once out, he wanders the streets before becoming a Junkyard dog. It is there he becomes friends with Zero.


He is a quiet pup who is untrusting of new people or dogs after escaping his abusive owner. He gets hungry a lot and likes to scavenge around for food. Despite being quiet. he is very energentic.


Shard is an Australian stumpy tail cattle dog who has dark grey fur with pointy ears and of course a stumpy little tail. He has light blue eyes and a scar on his side from an injury caused by his previous owner.


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  • He is a Junkyard dog.
  • he loves to dig through garbage cans. Whether it's to find some leftover food or to just play in the trash for fun, you can usually find him  doing that in his spare time
  • He escaped an abusive owner.
  • He doesn't trust too many dogs or humans.
  • His best friends are Zero and Seth.


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