Snowflake is a stray (and please ignore the comma in the title of her page)

Bio Edit

Snowflake was born in a pound, due to her parents both being strays and were caught before she was born. She's the runt of the litter and she's not all that tiny, her two sisters used to pick on her about how clumsy she was though, making her days pretty much irritating, when she learned to walk she kinda slipped due to the ground being cold and she tripped a lot, making her clumsy, her life was pretty good other than her siblings and being in the pound.

One day while she was waiting for food she could hear people talking, which made her very curious and when they were done talking, they walked out with a little girl and she picked her sisters and the parents of the girl took Snowflake's parents and adopted them, leaving her alone. She tried going with them but they closed the gate before she could get out, or at least they thought they did, at night Snowflake woke up to see the gate was cracked a little, she tilted her head and she them noticed what she had to do, she opened the gate and she ran off, hopefully finding her family, but no luck.

Snowflake soon gave up after a few weeks have past and she was exhausted. She couldn't bare to think that she'd be alone for her whole life, until she shrugged it off and she lives her days mostly happy, she still has nightmares about the past but she later on finds them accidentally at age 3 in the park.

Personality Edit

Snowflake is a normally happy girl and she's somewhat shy, she's normally shy when she's cornered by street dogs or dog catchers, but she can fend for herself if she certainly has to.

Appearance Edit

Snowflake is a white mixed breed with semi floppy ears and she also has light gray freckles across her face, a spot on her back, and spots on her ear tips and on the bottom of her paws, she has one green eye and a brown eye and she's seen wearing a dark blue scarf that someone threw out when she was walking on the streets

Trivia Edit

  • She can get really fidgety if someone calls her clumsy
  • She has no crush (I have no idea for one =u=)
  • She has a fear of Wasps since she's allergic

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